Sapour Somnia


Edible installation mapping out flavours of nocturnal landscapes

Go to sleep,
Savour the night.

At night our memories, experiences and desires are transformed into symbols, guised by the unconscious. Sapour Somnia was a culinary installation in collaboration with designer Maya Merhi. Drawing inspiration from fragments we collected from artist group The Dream Society’s nocturnal realms, the menu forms a map of flavours, materials, shapes, colours and textures from our collective dreamscape. How can the unconscious inspire new recipes and dishes? 

Image credits: Ari Luostarinen, Vilma Luostarinen, Maya Merhi


The installation was set in the context of an early 19th century-style Salon, housed in a private apartment at Odengatan, Stockholm on 20th May 2017. The Dream Society is an artist group with a shared interest in dreams and the unconscious.


– Following quotes are fragments of The Dream Society's shared dreams –


Liquorice Shortcakes with Yellow Interior

'Somebody painted a big wall and I saw Finnish liquorice on big round silver trays, different yellow and black nicely laid out and grouped together.'

'Outhouse in a corridor - dark yellow and black, glossy colour.'

'An old lift shaft. Going downwards but the lift suddenly disappears and we’re hanging in the cables...'


White Fruit, Snake Skin Shed, Cauliflower Terrine, Beetroot Crisps

'I spotted a hanging white fruit and swam closer to it. As I got closer to the tree, there were many other white fruits. I looked very closely and spoke to it out of curiosity. The white fruit fell off and slowly turned into a white snake with a peach-beetroot coloured patch on its tummy. It had black eyes, tongue and teeth. The snake opened its mouth and swam towards me.'


Hokkaido Milk Bread, Indian Spiced Ghee, Minaret Candle

'There was an oriental shaped tower. [...] We cycled and crossed a road made of marble with floral patterns. It looked like patterns from the Taj Mahal.'

'High bread loafs, Brioche. On my way to the tube.'

'The minarets were tall and had different pigments of Indian red.'

'Artist in long pink dress told how her mum had been stabbed with a knife, dead.'


Fresh Spring Rolls with Green Mugwort* Soba Noodles cooked in Mugwort, Tofu, Sugarsnaps, Mint

'I had to take off my shoes, I put on a pair of knitted green socks but they felt wrong and I took them off again. There was also a pair of shoes with green shoelaces.'

*Mugwort is known for producing lucid dreams


White Mussel Shells with Coconut & Lime Tapioca

'Mussels stuffed with coconut tapioca dumplings. White with a hint of green. It had a very gooey texture and was surrounded by fishnets.'


Almond Cookies surrounded by Snow

'We were then completely surrounded by snow.'

'I was outside in the snow playing with friends… I later walked and noticed a river with a row of duplicates or twins. One was watching, and the other was moving or drinking the water.'

'Excess amount of white powder all over the table. Couldn’t notice the shapes of cookies. Fluffy, soft and smooth powdery landscape.'

'A snow city with buildings stacked on top of each other.'


Seaweed Crisps with Apple, Walnut, Horseradish and Mineral Dust

'My friend had a system, apple with fish. I held a lecture at Uni and wanted to have lunch afterwards but I needed permission and had to walk around to different receptions [...] I had seen that there was one nice fish dish but I never think I had any food…'