Fragments of a manifesto

How can we rediscover a sense of sacredness in food and eating?

I want to explore and bring together ancient and future ways of growing, preparing, serving and sharing food.

To inspire a sensibility about the things of daily life.

My medium is simple: earth, food, table, host and guest.

Meals prepared with care and respect for the ingredients.

Flavours, colours, textures, shapes, scents, words, light, shadow, sound and silence, composed like poems in time and space.

Quiet rituals to slow down and sharpen our senses.

Shared moments around the table, a place for contemplation and encounters between human and non-human bodies.

Tasting weather, seasons, hands, soil, the sun and darkness.

Subtle feelings and sensations emerge, moving imagination and spirit.

The beauty and mystery of the unknown.

An opportunity to reconnect with the cycles of nature, remembering forgotten landscapes inside and beyond our bodies.

Unlearning taken-for-granted attitudes towards nature, preserving endangered knowledge, and contributing to emerging stories of a more sustainable future.

A childlike sense of wonder.