Endophyte Supper Club


Supper club investigating the hidden microorganisms livings inside of plants.

For the Dublin edition of The Center for Genomic Gastronomy's project Rare Endophyte Collectors Club, I was asked to design and cook a 6-course meal based on stories and ingredients that are in various ways related to endophytes, the microorganisms living inside of plants.

The relationship between an endophyte and its host plant is not well understood, but some of these microorganisms are believed to enhance host growth and nutrient acquisition, as well as improve the plant’s ability to tolerate abiotic stresses. Researchers around the world are isolating novel endophytes to investigate their potential agricultural or even pharmaceutical applications. 

Members of the club meet to identify, discuss and utilise the microbes that live inside of plants, transforming the way humans grow, eat and experience food. The project intends to reveal a new, unseen world, and develop new of ways eating, with other organisms in mind. 

Endophyte Club was created with help from the Department of Botany at Trinity College Dublin. The project has been supported by the Provost’s initiative Trinity Creative Challenge and Science Gallery Dublin.



Conifer Cocktail & Cheeseboard

Cocktail with spruce tip tea, gin, lemon

Pine nut, rosemary and spelt biscuits
Pineapple and juniper jam
Wild garlic and pine pesto
Selection of Irish cheese


Cleansing Ritual

Dirt scented oshibori hot towel

Pea, mint and lemon thyme sorbet
Sparkling spring water


Beer & Snacks Flight

Beer Flight
Guinness Stout
12 Acres Pale Ale
Wicklow Wolf Locavore Blonde

Snack 1: Beans
Bean crisps with ful medames dip of british fava, chili and dill

Snack 2: Lupin
Lupin beans with fermented fava, sichuan and orange zest

Snack 3: Radish
Mustard-pickled radishes


Environmental Salads

Beets, honey, mustard and sunflower seeds

Aeroponic salad, watermelon, ginger, mint & feta

Extraterrestiral leaves, freeze dried tofu and cucumber

Catena Chardonnay: a high-altitude wine from the Andes Mountains in Mendoza, Argentina


Three Sisters' Corn Pie

Corn Pie
Sweetcorn pie filled with butternut squash, British haricot beans, Quorn mushroom protein mince, olives, eggs and basil


Literature Review Dessert

Summer Porridge
Peach and apple summer porridge made with corn, barley and rye, topped with pickled peaches, caramelised sunflower seeds