Edible Coastlines


An edible journey to the coastal landscapes of England.

In 2017, artist Natasha Rosling and I traveled to the Isle of Portland, a small island on the South Coast of the UK. We found the landscape fascinating, with all its different textures, shapes and colours. Round, soft rocks, resting on the shore, against sharp cliffs, cracks and layers of strata telling stories of times past. The slow movement of seaweed, dancing in the turquoise water. How could we save these impressions, bring them with us and share them?

The trip resulted in the two of us developing a menu inspired by the experience. Food, text fragments, tableware and sound were composed together, conjuring the imaginary spaces of the body and its relationship to the land and sea.

Edible Coastlines Menu.jpg

The lunch was prepared and served at Hestercombe Gardens in early 2018, in conjunction with one-day seminar Odyssean: Topographies, exploring how we make sense of different landscapes, through contemporary art practice and creative geographies.

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