Cookbook of Emotions


Workshop exploring personal connections between food, digestion and feelings.

Does my gut have a mind of its own? Does what I eat influence the way I think and feel? How would you compose a meal that encapsulates an emotional state? 

Cookbook of Emotions: From Ground to Gut is a workshop designed in collaboration with Natasha Rosling, where participants are invited to contribute to a growing "recipe book of emotions."

Two versions of the workshop have taken place at At Bristol Science Museum in 2017 and The National Museum for Science and Technology Stockholm in 2018, in partnership with Vision Forum.


Starting off with a guided meditation, guests are invited on a journey through their bodies, feelings, sensations, and imagination, reflecting on one chosen emotion and how it may relate to food. In the second part of the workshop, each person composes a dish reflecting the emotion, equipped with a tray/recipe card and a buffet of materials.